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Hair Piece

Do you need a hairpiece? If you need help covering up a bald spot then your not alone. Hairpiece Australia, can help you find all the information that you need to successfully hide that receding hairline or other treatments that are available to deal with hair loss. You can view our listings to find hair treatment products or companies that specialize in hair loss.

The most common terms for a hair piece are "toupee" and "wig". However, this terms confuse most people as both have something to do with the terms "artificial" and "hair." However, what actually sets these two terms apart are their initial purposes, which can be dated to as early as the seventeenth century. Toupee is a derivative from both the Hindi and French language that means "a wearable item on the head" and "a tuft of hair," respectively. These two also differ in the manner in which they are used. Toupees, since they are composed of only a small patch of hair, aim to cover up a little bald spot only. Wigs, on the other hand, are commonly used for ceremonial purposes during the olden times. Moreover, wigs are also indicators of social stature during the seventeenth and eighteenth century because only those individuals of aristocratic nature are allowed to wear them.

Losing one's hair through that inescapable aging process can make one vulnerable to public scrutiny and social ridicule.

However, both toupees and wigs have one common underlying thread in which they are of equal footing: to cover up for something. Now, what to cover can be broken down into two aspects: covering that inevitable and dreaded physical phenomenon for men and covering up that social stigma that comes along with it. This drive to wear hair pieces, especially for men, can be attributed to the general standards of beauty. That's why most people say that a man's crowning glory is his hair, and once it is gone, so does a man's appeal. Losing one's hair through that inescapable aging process (especially during an unbelievably early age) can make one vulnerable to public scrutiny and social ridicule.

By the 20th century, however, wigs and toupees took on a slightly different role as opposed to their initial function during the seventeenth and the eighteenth century. According to a survey conducted on American men, it has been determined that an estimated 350,000 men wore hair pieces by 1950. It was also pointed out in this said survey that toupees and wigs were used as instruments to preserve that "youthful look" which was highly popular during that time. Women, who are naturally more concerned with their appearance than men, also used toupees, especially wigs, during this time to enhance their appearance. Bridal wigs were, in fact, the most common type of wigs that most women use to add a little "oomph" to their over-all appearance during that special day.

Costume wigs are another commonly used type of wig. These particular wigs are highly useful in the realm of theater, film, and the performing arts. If bridal wigs enhance the appearance of the bride then costume wigs give character to a person. These particular wigs are usually off-beat and sometimes bear loud and wild colors, the main factors responsible for adding a little more distinct character to a person.

Although wigs and toupees have taken on a different role in contemporary society, they nevertheless serve one common function until now, and that is to give and enhance one's beauty.

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